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Winterizing Your Swimming Pool

Winterizing Your Swimming Pool

Once jump ends and winter begins to rear itís ugly extreme, it will be juncture to shut your pool down. When shutting your pool down, the first step will be the water. You should begin by checking your pH level, and making forceful that it is around 7. 5. If positive isnít, simply add some dry acid. You should also sign your chlorine as husky, and use a winterizing product to make sure that your pool cede be protected from algae during the few months that you wonít be swimming.

During the winter months, you should run your pump for around 6 hours a day, to ensure that the algae doesnít settle in. You should also go ahead and check for any types of leaks as well, then switch your skimmer valve off and let the water void to around 6 inches below the skimmerís aught. This way, youíll have the preferred amount of irrigate in your pool.

If you are using a summer cover, take it down and give it a positive cleaning using fresh water and a pressure washer if you have access to one. Once you have cleaned the blot out really good, go ahead and put it in your building or garage and break out your winter cover. When you put your winter cover on the pool, make sure that you have plenty of tension on the cover, to prevent anything from getting under it.

Although you may have put the take cover on tight, you should still check it every couple of days to make firm that corporal is still tight. Remind your homey and friends that you have closed your pool down for the winter, and that they shouldnít be around it. Pool covers are designed to protect your pool and the water - they arenít made for safety. Never, under any circumstances should you let a pet or a person on the cover.

Once you have finished with the cover, it is time for the equipment. Youíll need to drain the water from your pump, heater, and your filter. Each apart should have a drain plug located somewhere near the bottom, which makes it easy to drain the water out. You should never forget to do this, as the wet can freeze inside of your equipment during the cold months of winter and result in permanent damage of your equipment.

Once you have finished getting your swimming pool ready for winter, you can relax knowing that your pool is safe. Keeping a check on it every few days will ensure that nothing has happened. Once summer starts to arrive again, you can get your pool ready for summer and prepare to ajar it up again. If youíve done things right - your pool will be ready to go in no time at all.




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